Influenza Vaccine

WingHavenPediatrics will only have Flu Vaccine this year. The nasal spray vaccine will not be offered this year.


Flu vaccine is now available for commercial and VFC patients ages 6 months and up.


The following groups of children should receive this vaccine.

- Children 6 months and older should receive influenza vaccine.

- All household contacts of children under the age of 5 years

- Children 6 m – 18 yrs on long term aspirin therapy should be immunized

- Women who will be pregnant during influenza season

- Persons with certain chronic medical conditions: e.g. Asthma

The ACIP recommends that all persons, including school aged children, who want to reduce the risk of becoming ill with influenza or of transmitting influenza to others should be vaccinated.

- Children up to age 8 yrs who are being vaccinated for the first time should

receive 2 doses of influenza vaccine.


We want to reemphasize the importance of administering two doses of vaccine to all children 6 months - 8 years if they have not been vaccinated previously. ACIP recommends that children aged 6 months - 8 years who received only one dose in their first year of vaccination receive two doses the following year. This is because one vaccine offers your child no protection.

This year, the CDC recommends that ALL CHILDREN under 18 get a flu vaccination. This will help protect your child and reduce the spread of flu this winter.

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